Web Résumé of Obiora Embry
20 Jan 2018

Developer, designer, engineer

Summary of Qualifications

Background includes the following:

Strengths include communicating effectively, thinking analytically and creatively, learning quickly, working independently, multi-tasking, mentoring, designing and presenting presentations, and self-starting.

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Assisted the Newburg Middle School team with the building, design, and programming of their robot in the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition. The team placed 1st place in the State.

Started, organized, and led a drive at General Electric Appliances to provide non-perishable goods to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, an organization that provides assistance to those who suffer the effects of hunger, homelessness, and/or chemical dependency.

Supervised the GE Appliances' Co-op Special Projects Committee and led committee to completion of 10 community/volunteer service projects.

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Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, May 2003
University of Tennessee, GPA: 3.4/4.0
Engineering Dean's List 2 semesters
Passed FE/EIT Certification Exam, October 2001
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Training and Courses

Training: SPSS, Descriptive Statistics, Six Sigma (process improvement), Visual Standards (quality defects), Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC, 200 PC/1/H PHOX), Instron Single Column Load Frame (Tensile and Flexural Strength testing)

Engineering Design: Methods Engineering Design and Analysis, Production System Planning and Control, Production Facilities Design and Material Handling, Design of Experiments, Design for Manufacturing

Math: Calculus I/II/III, Differential Equations, Matrix Operations (Linear Algebra), Engineering Statistics, Operation Research I/II, Discrete Mathematics

Other: Human Factors Engineering, Circuits, Engineering Economic Analysis, Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Statics, Dynamics, Particle Dynamics, Simulation (Arena)

Physical Sciences: Chemistry I/II, Physics I/II, Thermodynamics, Thermal Science

Quality: Quality Control

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Honors and Awards

Dean's List, Summa Cum Laude, Summer 1999; Cum Laude, Fall 2000
UT Co-op Ambassador, 2000-2001
National Society of Black Engineers NSBE Fellow, 2000-2001; Torchbearer, 1997-2002
National Society of Black Engineers Scholarship/Alcoa, 2000-2001
Robert Henry Hughes Scholarship Recipient, 1997-2002
Alcoa Foundation/MESP Scholarship, 2000
Charles F. Shultz Scholarship, 2000
Appeared in "Engineering Family Ties" article in the Tennessee Engineer and Minority Engineer, Spring 1999
Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship, 1997-1998
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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, 2000-2001
Acting Vice-President, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Fall 2000
National Society of Professional Engineers, 1999-2000
Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1999-2001
National Society of Black Engineers, 1997-2002
TeleComPub Chair, National Society of Black Engineers, Fall 2001
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Computer Experience

Office Software: MS Office (Word 95-2003, PowerPoint 97-2003, Outlook 98/2003, Schedule Plus 7.5, Project 2000, Visio 2000, FrontPage 2000), LibreOffice 4.x

Other Software: Arena (simulation), CICS®, Hitachi Flash Programmer 2.03, QUICS

Platforms: Linux Mandriva 7.2/10.1/2008.1 and Red Hat Linux 7.1; Fedora, Debian 7.x, and CentOS 5.x (accessed via SSH); MS-DOS, MS Windows 3.1-NT/XP (Home and Professional Editions)

Statistical Software: JMP, LINDO, LINGO, MiniTab 12.2, R (GNU 'S'), ReliaSoft's Weibull ++ 6, SPSS

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Team Projects

Researched the production of PWBs and cleaning technologies used for surface finishing.  Simulated case study (using Arena) to determine which technology was the best based on overall cost (labor; overtime; electricity/gas; water; materials and parts; transportation; fines due to exceeding pollution limits for city, state, and federal government; etc.), environmental hazard and ecological risk assessment, time needed to complete whole process, etc.

Worked with team members on project to simulate heat stress of various occupations and determine how gender, occupation, amount of clothing, and temperature affect heat stress.  Researched heat stress (causes, prevention, medical treatment, occurrences of death by occupation, etc.), and calculated using lab equipment.  Developed presentation and reported results.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Redesigned and improved system performance as a key team member in a DMADV Six Sigma project.  Developed Web site to give team members resources on Six Sigma, background information on project, and data collection.  We met and exceeded the target goal through new design with 95% confidence, developed presentation and presented results, and submitted patent for new design.

Design for Manufacturing Project: IBM's ProPrinter center tractor wheel

Assisted team members with determining the name of the part, its purpose and importance in the printer.  Researched polymers and their physical and thermal properties.  Analyzed and reported on the functionality of the tractor wheel, original material used, manufacturing process and assembly, quality control inspection.  Proposed material and manufacturing modifications and created design matrix to compare materials.

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Applied Chemical Technologies; Lexington, KY

Implemented quality control program and calibrated lab equipment using ASTM and ISO standards.  Performed physical and thermal quality control tests using procedures based on standards.

Assisted with ISO 9002 certification process.  Created and implemented software to store test results, statistically analyze data, and maintain calibration records.  Wrote quality control manual used in certification.

Tested chemicals and greases received from suppliers.  Verified product specifications.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Analyzed and re-engineered Systems and Reliability Engineering Lab.  Organized lab testing and created procedure for testing.  Created inventory management system to streamline paperwork and manage lab testing.  Developed procedure to check out tools and supplies; inventoried tools and supplies.

Troubleshooted failures on electromechanical units.  Performed Gage R & R testing and analyzed results.

Software usage included ReliaSoft's Weibull ++; MiniTab; MS Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Schedule Plus, Notepad, and Word.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Provided ongoing quality support and troubleshooting before and after new product launch.  Programmed Hitachi Flash EPROM control boards.  Improved reliability before new product launch through black box testing.  Completed software evaluations to find bugs and algorithm errors.  Helped to resolve software-related issues during product launch.

Upgraded consignment washers with the latest control boards.  Checked service mode for fault codes.

Assisted electrical engineer with correcting electrical and mechanical issues with electromechanical washers.

Software usage included Hitachi Flash Programmer and MS Excel, Word, and Outlook.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Queried daily service calls using QUICS and entered data into a MS Excel/VBA application for data analysis.  Verified corrective action taken by field service technicians by phone and/or e-mail, if further investigation was needed.

Investigated root cause of failed units and analyzed performance problems.  Issued weekly report of failures to supplier and SPQE.

Coordinated the return of failed units with same service code to determine root cause of failure.

Software usage included QUICS and MS Excel, Word, and Outlook.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Managed a competitive product teardown to generate new ideas.  Planned and organized the people, space, and units.  Proposed new features and design changes for current units.

Collected data on existing and proposed Six Sigma projects.  Analyzed feasibility of completing projects.

Assisted Six Sigma Black Belts with quality control inspections.

Teamed with supervisor to conduct Gage R & R on assembly units to troubleshoot defective supplier units.

Monitored and analyzed assembly line, processes, and procedures to identify and resolve quality issues caused by sealant.

Software usage included MiniTab, QUICS, CICS®; and MS Excel, Word, Outlook, Schedule Plus, and PowerPoint.

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