Web Résumé of Obiora Embry
20 Jan 2018

Developer, designer, engineer


Developed 4 Web sites using HTML, CSS, Perl/CGI, and The GIMP for the University of Tennessee's Black Student Alliance chapter to digitize their newsletters.

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Taught myself Perl.  Developed Web site to add, edit, and view recipes for a book.  Tools included Perl/CGI, HTML, CSS, SSI, The GIMP, MySQL, and JavaScript.  Redesigned site and created database driven Web application with HTML, CSS, PHP 4, and MySQL.

Tutored electrical engineering student in creating Web pages with HTML, including browser specific tags.

Created Web site as my senior gift to the University of Tennessee using HTML, CSS, and Adobe Photoshop.

Revised Web site, which included updating old pages, adding new content and images.  Tools included HTML; MS PhotoDraw and FrontPage.

Created newsletter using MS Publisher.

Created Web site to teach youth participants of New Zion Community Development Foundation, Inc. HTML, which they used to create Web sites for their community business ventures.  Tool included MS Notepad.

Organized interested co–ops and led mentoring of students; taught workshops on math, college preparation, and developing presentations.

Developed Web site and designed brochure (and logo) to promote the chapter.  Tools included HTML; MS Notepad, Publisher, Powerpoint, and FrontPage.

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Assisted in development of original Web site.  Maintained and updated Web site with Netscape Communicator and MS FrontPage.

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Team Projects

Researched the production of PWBs and cleaning technologies used for surface finishing.  Simulated case study (using Arena) to determine which technology was the best based on overall cost (labor; overtime; electricity/gas; water; materials and parts; transportation; fines due to exceeding pollution limits for city, state, and federal government; etc.), environmental hazard and ecological risk assessment, time needed to complete whole process, etc.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Redesigned and improved system performance as a key team member in a DMADV Six Sigma project.  Developed Web site to give team members resources on Six Sigma, background information on project, and data collection.  We met and exceeded the target goal through new design with 95% confidence, developed presentation and presented results, and submitted patent for new design.

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Professional Experience

eLink Design; Lexington, KY

As a new Web Developer for the company I have worked on several projects.  One of the larger projects was helping to finish a system developed for managing responders to accidents.  Some of the features that I added were ACH export, geolocating address with a movable map and pin, and map of U. S. with accidents.  Built system for referrals, monthly subscriptions with variable packages, and billing for 2nd portion of project.  Tools have included custom Doctrine/Symphony, OO PHP, git, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, and CentOs Linux (accessed via SSH).

Finished Web system started by a development team.  Debugged many issues with the original code base, added new features, updated the graphics, and other changes requested by the site owner.  Made minor changes to a Wordpress Web site.  Tools included PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS.

Updated Yahoo! Stores backorder form so that an email is sent to company.

Jewelry In Candles; Louisville, KY

Worked for a multi-level marketing Internet ecommerce company.  I was the lead developer for projects involving the administrator control panel used by employees and the ecommerce and back office system used by affiliates.  The projects have utilized some of the following technologies: MapQuest OpenData APIs, PayPal MassPay API, MySQL, PHP, mPDF, Barcode Generator, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS.

2Checkout, Inc. via Dawson Resources; Columbus, OH

As a Web developer for online payments processor I worked individually and as an integral team player to add new features to systems including cron jobs and systems used by internal employees and sellers.  In addition code was developed for new payment systems that incorporated the previously mentioned systems and the purchase system.  Tools included Perl, Catalyst, Template::Toolkit, MySQL, git, jQuery, JavaScript, and Oracle VM Virtualbox.

Fixed front end and backend bugs.

Updated email sent via a Perl formail script so that a portion of the data is in a tabular layout and added a dynamic order number to each order.

Created OO Perl modules to download and extract product data from a Web service.  Administrator can login to modify categories for product that get retrieved, export CSV of products found and not found, and import CSV documents to retrieve additional product information.

Programmed calculator to estimate annual and monthly expenses for a warehouse.

Developed phase 1 of content management system (CMS) for construction company.  Administrators can login and manage users and buildings.  Users can view and modify buildings, which they have permission to access.

Added features to existing Web application.  Created search with filters to form report and export to Excel.  Other features include forgot your password, automated payment reminder email run via a cron job, bulk firm payment updates for checks, and viewing current status with option to pay by credit card if not current.

Added search so administrators can look up attorneys by last name.  Fixed a date bug and made HTML header title dynamic.

Created a form for adding testimonials and a page for viewing testimonials on the front end.  Developed a backend requiring login to approve, reject, or delete added testimonials.

Worked on 3 Perl/CGI projects.  Project 1 and Project 3 was to troubleshoot and fix errors with Perl/CGI scripts and Server Side Includes on Web site transferred to Web host from a home server.  Project 2 was to mirror a Web site.

Created script to parse Web page and extract emails.  Developed online registration and sponsorships pages for upcoming event.  Created administrator backend to review, edit, and delete registrations and sponsorships, including PayPal details.  In addition, added functionality to add online resources for each workshop and track for the three days.  Tools included PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PayPal ExpressCheckout API, Perl/CGI, and CPAN modules.

Added PHP code to validate Web page registration form.

Parsed CSV file and inserted data into MySQL table.  Created dynamic page to display data from database.  Tools included PHP and MySQL.

Updated landing page forms.  Redirected user to a FormStack survey mapped from landing page form.  The results from survey are parsed and lead table is updated.  Tools included OOP PHP, MySQL, jkl–parsexml (AJAX library), FormStack API.

Created a dynamic questionnaire for U.S. federal tax returns.  The questionnaire had 2 different branches based on the response to the first questions and subsequent questions were displayed dynamically depending on the response to the previous question.  At the end of the questionnaire, users could submit a bid, which was processed using PayPal’s Authorize and Capture API.  Only if the user completed the survey would their responses be saved, and an email was sent to site administrator along with responses of user.  Tools included OOP PHP, (X)HTML, CSS, MySQL, jkl–parsexml (AJAX library), and jQuery (Progressbar and Popup).

Developed administrator control panels and CRUD CMSes for end user clients.  Wrote PHP code to add dynamic features to Web pages.  Tools included OO PHP, PHPMailer, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, classic ASP, PayPal ExpressCheckout API, and Authorize.net API.

Corrected PHP Instant Payment Notification (IPN) script and cron job to resolve issues with incorrect database updates.

Reviewed database–driven Web application to assess front end and backend problems.  Developed and revised work plan, troubleshooted and debugged application using workplan.  Created cron jobs.  Tools included PHP, Yii MVC framework, MySQL, HTML, jQuery, and SSH.

Created 2 purchase forms, a review and thank you page.  Sent XML request to SOAP server via NuSOAP library and parsed server response.  Tools included PHP, NuSOAP library, XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Integrated PayPal Pro Express Checkout and Direct Payment SOAP with existing Web site using off shelf PHP scripts.

Updated existing CakePHP Web application to use a customized version of PayPals’ ExpressCheckout.  This included updates to the NVP pair submission, MySQL database, and checkout page.

Wrote OO PHP code for logging in and logging out of a site.  Created MySQL database and needed tables.  Tools included PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL.

Designed and programmed custom registration form including ecommerce via eProcessingNetwork.  Updated CMS with needed changes to select new form.  Tools included PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Plain Black; Madison, WI (Telecommute)

Troubleshooted client development site and debugged with custom and WebGUI codebase.  Tools included mod_perl, OO Perl, GitHub, WebGUI, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and YUI.

Authored PHP script to use Yahoo Developer Network's API and OAuth to programmatically download Yahoo! Mail email attachments.

Developed basic and advanced calculator to replicate W2 tax form.  Tools included OO Perl/CGI, various CPAN modules, XHTML, CSS, and XML.

Kain Automotive; Lexington, KY

Provided guidance on technical and non–technical issues via phone and email, troubleshooted, debugged, and added features to database-driven Web application.  Redesigned Web site: updated header and content, added graphics, and changed color scheme.  Tools included OOP PHP, CakePHP MVC framework, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and The GIMP.

Modified existing tables and added database tables; wrote new PHP code and updated registration, member, and admin backend code.  Incorporated PayPal Adaptive Payments Recurring Payments API and programmed new Web pages.  Tools included PHP, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, and PayPal API.

Programmed phase 1 of a RESTful API service for processing and automating transactions.  Tools included Perl, various CPAN modules, and MySQL.

Developed OO class to parse CSV file, send POST request to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, parse XML response, and create log files based on response.  Tools included OO Perl/CGI, various CPAN modules, and the Amazon Mechanical Turk API.

Programmed an existing page and created 2 new pages to preview and send electronic postcards via email.  Tools included PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.

Created dynamic drop–down survey that produced results based on answers to first 2 questions and responses to remaining questions.  Tools included Perl/CGI, AJAX library, JavaScript, XML, (X)HTML, and CSS.

Developed Perl script to retrieve geolocation information and output XML; second script downloads and updates database every month via a cron job.  Parsed XML data with AJAX library and did further processing with JavaScript.

Wrote JavaScript functions for displaying timed data on existing Flash video pages.  Created and tested code to redirect user and parsed query string using JavaScript.

Modified the search location project from October 2007.  Created admin backend for managing data for custom Perl search engine.  Updated scripts and wrote scripts to log keywords searched.  Updated admin backend to view and reset keyword log.

Debugged and added JavaScript to streamline a multiple page Web form.  Edited database script, and wrote code to send automatic emails.  Tools included Perl (custom and CPAN Perl modules), JavaScript, and SSH.

IntelliSurvey; Ladera Ranch, CA (Telecommute)

Refactored code and added features to database–driven Web–based application built with their flagship product.  Debugged, created new Perl scripts to replace old or incompatible scripts, and added features to flagship software.  Tools included OO Perl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SSH, Subversion, and PostgreSQL.

Developed scripts to read PDF417 barcodes from PDF documents.  After completing this project, updated PHP based pages and wrote additional Perl scripts to add enhancements to the system.

Refactored existing Perl code to create a reusable function from redundant code.

Designed and developed Web pages for a polling and registration page that included administrator backend for controlling polls and viewing responses.  Tools included OO Perl/CGI, XHTML, CSS, and CPAN Perl modules.

Modified original code and added new class that allows addition of an unlimited number of rings for the XML/SWF donut chart.

Wrote OO Perl code to create XML dataset and HTML Web page for a 1–ring XML/SWF donut chart.

Debugged, troubleshooted, and wrote new code to fix problems with current system.  Tools included Perl, MySQL, Webmin, and Apache Web server.

Debugged and made modifications to complex Web based system using Perl, HTML, MySQL, Linux commands, shell scripting, and Apache Web server.

Developed calculator and CMS to edit the form using OO PHP, OO Perl/CGI, XHTML, XML, and CSS.

Developed OO PHP/MySQL database application for an existing site.  Created registration and login clients, client's users, and additional site administrators; managing system users and tasks for the site admin; managing user's tasks, viewing, and creating tasks for the clients; and submitting and viewing tasks for the user.

Developed 3 OO scripts for PayPal ecommerce transactions using a proprietary CMS API.  Tools included Perl, SSH, and Business::PayPal::API.

Developed OO Perl backend and XHTML/CSS front end for property search.  There is a CMS for the admin that can be used to add/edit the database, add/edit search fields, and edit the footer.  Tools included Perl/CGI, XHTML, CSS, and XML.

Made updates and modifications to frontend and backend using PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Made modifications to PHP search script to include online schools and additional on–campus schools.  Parsed CSV file using Perl and created XML feed that the PHP script used to generate additional results.

Modified a Perl search script to include images with the search results and to include additional directories.

Updated the original project: Implemented a custom waiting page for the user while waiting for a response.  Created form for admin to search data within a date range with ability to download results as a CSV file.

Intellor Group; Gaithersburg, MD (Telecommute)

Updated and refactored existing Perl system to make it OO and extensible.

Completed 27 projects on as–needed basis that included writing new OO code, debugging and/or refactoring existing code, and automating manual tasks.  Various custom and CPAN Perl modules were used.

Developed system to create a PDF document of Web pages using OO Perl/CGI, PostgreSQL, Prince XML, and an existing OO Perl system.

Developed script to validate submission for generated leads, parse SOAP response, and store info in a database.  Tools included Perl/CGI, XML::Simple, Data::Dumper, and MySQL.

Developed script to search locations of properties using Perl/CGI, JavaScript, XML, HTML, and CSS.  The search results that matched more than 1 (one) property page was chosen randomly for display.

Programmed the backend for a database–driven Web application using PHP.

Modified and improved existing administrator control panel and created database–driven Web application for artists to sell their music online.  Tools included XHTML, CSS, Perl/CGI, XML::Simple, File::Flock, MySQL, LWP, File::Path, DBI, PHP, and JavaScript.

Developed ASP scripts to resize an image passed via querystring using ASPJpeg and ASPUpload.

Developed backend and bare bones UI for Web site that allows users to register and guess the time of an event.  Created basic CMS and control panel for administrator to manage site and guesses.

Debugged existing Perl CMS to implement co–registrations during registration process.

Wrote program to process and authorize the identity of a user via OpenID.  Tools included Perl/CGI and Net::OpenID::Consumer.

Created script to display dynamic data in Adobe PDF or MS Excel templates.  Tools included XHTML, CSS, Perl/CGI, XML, Spreadsheet::Excel, PDF::ReportWriter, and XML::Simple.

Latitude Arts; Lexington, KY

Developed Web site using XHTML, CSS, and The GIMP based on the design.

Developed CMS for the administrator and UI for an Online Contest.  Tools included XHTML, CSS, Perl/CGI, XML, Mail::Sender, Date:Pcalc, Data::Table, Business::Paypal, and Schedule::Cron.

Developed Web pages using JavaScript and ASP for video selection and viewing.

Sustainable Communities Network; Lexington, KY

Added links; created 3 images; added Web pages; revised and updated old pages; cleaned up HTML.  Tools included FrontPage, The GIMP, and Crimson Editor.

Taught myself XML; developed ImageMagick Animated GIF Utility using Perl, XML–DOM, and ImageMagick.

Insight.Schooling Solutions LLC; Lexington, KY

Development of Web site (WIP) for an educational consulting start–up using (X)HTML and CSS levels 1/2.  Initial development on Linux Mandriva 10.1 with Apache Web Server.

Produced program for Graphs and Charts in Perl project using Perl and GDGraph.

Applied Chemical Technologies; Lexington, KY

Set up a LAN and connected computers to existing network using a DLINK 10/100 Hub.

Developed software to enter raw data and perform statistical analysis on current and historical results, backup results on a schedule using Windows Task Scheduler, export results and statistical analysis.  Designed user interface, relational database schema and tables; debugged; installed on LAN; provided end–user training.  Tools included Perl with Tk GUI Toolkit, MySQL, The GIMP, HTML Help Workshop, POD, NSIS, and 'R'.

Calibrated equipment and integrated a reminder for calibration into software.

Created stand–alone desktop application to convert from SI to non–SI units and vice versa.  Tools included Perl with Tk GUI Toolkit, The GIMP, NSIS, and EclipseHelp.

Kelly Services (Kentucky State University); Frankfort, KY

Tutored in math, Accounting, Spanish, and Computer Science.

Recognized need to improve and automate administrative tasks of tutoring lab, which led to development of a data management system that created monthly tutoring reports for professors, queried hours tutored and grades, and generated reports.  Tools included Pixel Toolbox; NSIS; The GIMP; MS Access, Word, Excel, and Visual Basic.

Fayette County Public Schools; Lexington, KY

Taught math support (remedial math), "advanced" Pre–Algebra, and assisted Geometry students.  Analyzed students' deficiencies in remedial math classes and tailored the curriculum to their needs.

Recognized common theme in students of having developmental problems with performing basic operations with fractions.  Integrated technology into the classroom and programmed software to help students become more proficient in working with fractions.  Tools included Perl with Tk GUI Toolkit, Pixel Toolbox, The GIMP, and NSIS.

Professional development training in Pinnacle Studios 8 (Video Editing), MS Publisher 2000 and Image Composer.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Supported on–going GE e–business initiative:

Developed database driven desktop application to manage testing, search tests, and streamline paperwork using MS Access.  My supervisor was so impressed by it, he wanted me to use him as a professional reference, even though GE has a strict policy it.  He had a BS and MS degree in engineering and had been an avid computer user and developer for most of his life.

Debugged template for IFRAS, an custom application, and helped IT implement it.

Beta–tested on–line instructional manuals and MS Excel/VBA applications for IT.

Taught myself HTML.  Edited and created Web pages for departmental intranet site and Co–op Web site using MS Notepad.  Assisted IT with uploading new and updated pages onto Server.  Wrote tutorial on using HTML to create Web pages.

Software usage included ReliaSoft's Weibull ++; MiniTab; MS Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Schedule Plus, Notepad, and Word.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Web site Committee member

Updated Web pages, created page to highlight an information workshop on job preparation and success, and wrote report on ideas to improve the Web site.  Tools included MS Notepad and PowerPoint.

General Electric Appliances; Louisville, KY

Programmed Hitachi Flash EPROM control boards.  Improved reliability before new product launch by black box testing (completed software evaluations) to find bugs and algorithm errors.  Helped to resolve software–related issues during product launch.

Software usage included Hitachi Flash Programmer and MS Excel, Word, and Outlook.

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