Web Résumé of Obiora Embry
20 Jan 2018

Developer, designer, engineer

Summary of Qualifications

Diverse background that includes the following:

Strengths include written communication, learning quickly and independently (self-taught), multi-tasking, and self-starting.

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Assisted the Newburg Middle School team with the building, design, and programming of their robot in the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition. The team placed 1st place in the State.

Started, organized, and led a drive at General Electric Appliances to provide non-perishable goods to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, an organization that provides assistance to those who suffer the effects of hunger, homelessness, and/or chemical dependency.

Supervised the GE Appliances' Co-op Special Projects Committee and led committee to completion of 10 community/volunteer service projects.

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Computer Experience

Databases: MS Access 97/2000, MySQL 3.23.58/4.1.1/5.x servers, and PostgreSQL 8.x

Languages: CSS levels 1 and 2, HTML 3-4 Transitional, Perl 5.6.x/5.8.x, PHP 4/5, SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, XHTML 1.0 Strict

Office Software: MS Office (Word 95-2003, PowerPoint 97-2003, Outlook 98/2003, Schedule Plus 7.5, Project 2000, Visio 2000, FrontPage 2000), LibreOffice 4.x

Other Software: EclipseHelp, Hitachi Flash Programmer 2.03, HTML Help Workshop, Netscape Composer, NSIS 2.11, Pine, PixelToolbox, SSH

Perl Modules: CGI, CGI-Session, Config-Tiny, Data-Dumper, DBI, GDGraph, HTML-CalendarMonthDB, Mail-Sendmail, Net-MySQL, Number-Format, Number-Fraction, PAR, PDF-Create, Pod-Checker, Pod-LaTex, Pod-Man, Pod-Simple-HTMLBatch, Table, Text-Reform, Text-Table, Tk, Win32-OLE, XML-DOM, XML-Simple, etc.

Platforms: Linux Mandriva 7.2/10.1/2008.1 and Red Hat Linux 7.1; Fedora, Debian 7.x, and CentOS 5.x (accessed via SSH); MS-DOS, MS Windows 3.1-NT/XP (Home and Professional Editions)

Text Editors: Crimson Editor 3.7, Pico, Gedit, vi, KWrite, Kate

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University of Kentucky
Post-baccalaureate, Computer Engineering, August 2002-May 2003
Completed undergraduate courses in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, May 2003
University of Tennessee, GPA: 3.4/4.0
Engineering Dean's List 2 semesters
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Relevant Courses

Computers: Introduction to Programming (Matlab); Simulation (Arena); Information Systems Analysis and Design (Access); Program Design, Abstraction, and Problem Solving (OO C++); Algorithm Design and Analysis (C++)

Math: Calculus I/II/III, Differential Equations, Matrix Operations (Linear Algebra), Engineering Statistics, Operations Research I/II, Discrete Mathematics

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Honors and Awards

Dean's List, Summa Cum Laude, Summer 1999; Cum Laude, Fall 2000
UT Co-op Ambassador, 2000-2001
National Society of Black Engineers NSBE Fellow, 2000-2001; Torchbearer, 1997-2002
Robert Henry Hughes Scholarship Recipient, 1997-2002
Appeared in "Engineering Family Ties" article in the Tennessee Engineer and Minority Engineer, Spring 1999
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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, 2000-2001
Acting Vice-President, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Fall 2000
GE Appliances' Co-op Committees, Fall 1999-Summer 2001
Committee Chair, Special Projects, Summer 2001
Web Site; Publications, Summer 2001
Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1999-2001
Web Master, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Spring 2000-Spring 2001
National Society of Black Engineers, 1997-2002
TeleComPub Chair/Web Master, National Society of Black Engineers, Fall 2001
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Independent Projects


Developed Web site and videos in conjunction with a class taught on "Container Gardening."  Redesigned Web site and added animated banner.

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Created program to download files from Web servers using Perl, Net-FTP, File-Copy, and XML-Simple.

Designed template for each of the local 12 council districts using The GIMP.  Coded the design into XHTML and CSS for the 12 council districts (WIP) and wrote a program to create the Web sites and upload the files via FTP.  Tools included Perl, Net-FTP, File-Copy, and XML-Simple.

Developed program to convert from HTML 4.01 Transitional to XHTML 1.0 Strict using Perl.  The script has command-line options: convert all HTML and CSS files in a directory (using relative or absolute path) or specific filenames separated by commas (with relative or absolute directory path if in another directory).  Created a module to serve as a wrapper for command-line program and submitted it as a distribution to CPAN.

Produced family tree and biographical/genealogy data viewer (WIP) that uses XML as a backend to store family data.  Tools include Perl with Tk GUI Toolkit, Data-Table, PDF-ReportWriter, XML-Simple, and The GIMP.

Created e-sleep journal/log using Perl with Tk GUI Toolkit, XML-Simple, and Data-Dumper.

Programmed 6 scripts using Perl to

Debugged, optimized code, and added additional functionality to the console personal budget manager (WIP).

Developed 4 Web sites using Perl/CGI, (X)HTML, CSS levels 1/2, The GIMP, MySQL and/or XML.  Initial development on Linux Mandrake 10.1 with Apache Web Server.

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Developed Perl script to recursively delete temporary files and folders older than a user-defined time (from command line) or default age.

Developed 3 Perl programs to backup MySQL database, a table or table based on query results, and incrementally (InnoDb only).

Redesigned and improved tutoring management system developed for Kentucky State University, which included new features, better UI, additional graphics, 2 searches, user customization, and automatic backup of database.  Tools included Perl with Tk GUI Toolkit, The GIMP, MySQL, HTML Help Workshop, POD, and NSIS.

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Converted the PHP scripts for filling out PDF forms electronically using Pdftk to Perl.  The Perl version is slightly different than the original PHP version and does not have any of the buggy code.

Updated application by integrating with it supporting programs for LCM and GCF to make it a software suite, added Help Documentation (Windows 95 Help File) and graphical representation of fractions.  Tools included Perl with Tk GUI Toolkit and EclipseHelp.

Developed console personal money manager software (WIP).  Tools included Perl, MySQL, HTML, and CSS.

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