Web Résumé of Obiora Embry
20 Jan 2018

Developer, designer, engineer

Welcome to the Web résumé of Obiora Embry.  I provide quality services and stand behind my work.  I also offer free consultation and charge by the hour or project, it’s your preference.

I prefer to develop solutions for the Web and desktop using Open Source and W3C technologies like Perl, Tk GUI Toolkit for Perl, MySQL, R (GNU 'S'), Linux, Image Magick, Scribus, The GIMP, LibreOffice, CSS, HTML, PNG, SVG, XHTML, XML, and PHP.

Project outsourcing

Are you or your company interested in outsourcing some of your projects or workload?  I can help by completing the work while you take the credit!  Please provide a description of the work that you need outsourced via my contact form and I will respond within 1–2 business days.


I can develop customized Web solutions, reapair and/or add features your existing site, integrate or implement e–commerce, and perform other tasks.  I primarily do programming (backend).

My desktop development includes writing programs to automate repetitive or administrative tasks, developing console (for DOS and/or Linux term) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications, and customized solutions for your personal or business needs.  The language that I prefer to use is Perl.

After you have written the project(s) specification(s), please provide a description and I will respond within 1–2 business days.

OS Installation

(only in Lexington, KY)

I offer on–site and off–site installation of Open Source Software, freeware, shareware, and commercial software on Linux and Windows 95-XP.  We also install Linux and Windows (XP or older only) Operating Systems.

When your installation need(s) arises, please provide a description of what you need installed and I will respond within 1–2 business days.

Thank you and I look forward to completing projects for you!